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Lexus F-Performance | the blend line

How the blend line helped Lexus build credibility around its F-Performance vehicles.

Lexus F-Performance

Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauley


How could Car and Driver + Road & Track assist in driving awareness and preference for the complete line of Lexus F-Performance vehicles? 


The claim of “performance” is easily stated but not easily validated. A true performance model must have the right parts, assembled using the right philosophy to out perform on the road. 


Combining our editorial insight and knowledge of what current audiences find interesting, we will define the elements that make up a true sports car.


Using both portable assets and long-form, immersive articles to explain  the philosophy and purpose of each performance-intent part that make up each Lexus F-Performance model. High resolution photography and iconic Road & Track illustrations help define the true soul of each car.

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A walkthrough of the immersive articles that house the program content.