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Jaguar + Land Rover | the blend line

How the blend line helped Jaguar & Land Rover validate the unique aspect of each vehicle within their entire line-up.

Jaguar + Land Rover

J.F. Musial

J.F. Musial


How could Car and Driver + Road & Track make their editorial insights surrounding the Jaguar + Land Rover brands relatable to a larger audience?


Every car buyer acts like an enthusiast within the purchase cycle: their desire to know as much as possible about what they’re about to purchase is balanced with their attention span for statistics. Making car knowledge entertaining for non-enthusiasts is critical for building purchase consideration.


Begin with our insight-driven approach to create a balanced and entertaining story around each model within the Jaguar + Land Rover line-up.


Individual video clips hosted by a car enthusiast and a more lifestyle-oriented entertainer to help humanize insider car-knowledge for a wider audience.

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In Use

Jaguar XJ and Land Rover Range Rover Sport episodes.