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Genesis Brand Launch | the blend line

How the blend line helped launch the Genesis luxury car brand.

Genesis Brand Launch

Collin Hughes

Collin Hughes


How could Car and Driver + Road & Track help launch a new automotive luxury brand for the first time in 27 years?


The meaning of the word luxury has evolved. It’s not necessarily about an outward badge, but a resonant and individual experience. Luxury today can be defined as an all-encompassing point of view that respects the nuances of each individual.


Create an informed, actionable and visual definition of what the Genesis brand stands for in the context of the Hearst Enthusiast ecosystem.


Make the brand relatable through individual character-driven stories that humanize the brand ethos in film, writing & adventure.

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In Use

Parts one through three of the ten-part film series allowing unique enthusiast personalities to discover the core tenets of the Genesis brand on their own terms.

Directed by renowned artist Collin Hughes.

An overview of the entire ten-part series