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Genesis G80 Sport

How the blend line helped launch the Genesis G80 Sport.

Genesis G80 Sport

Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauley


How could Car and Driver + Road & Track help add authentic enthusiast credibility to a new performance offering from Genesis?


The idea of "performance" has shifted. No longer is it just about flat-out speed or unlimited handling prowess: the contemporary definition of the term comes to life through many different personalities. 


Create a relatable definition of performance that includes the perspectives of real enthusiasts, doing what they love, to align the soul the Genesis G80 Sport with our passion-forward audience. 


Make the G80 Sport more credible as a performance offering by elevating the driving experience through the eyes of individual enthusiasts.  

We combined provocatively composed music (from award-winning producer Ed Bueller), unique visual styles (from high-afternoon technicolor to moody black and white) and character attributes (enthusiasts from relatable backgrounds) to highlight the unique sporting credentials of the new Genesis model. 

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Experiencing the Genesis G80 Sport from three unique enthusiast perspectives in video and comprehensive articles.